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A Hobby Turned Into Business

Anydos Music School and Store 0 A Hobby Turned Into Business

A story of a musical instrument business established by a biology teacher, a current Ph.D. student at Liberty University. The story of how a hobby turned into a successful music business.

Annastasia Oraegbunem completed her secondary school in 2004 and began a search for a better way to shorten her long names to make it easy for people to call. From the search,  she picked two letters from each of my names Annastasia Onyinyechukwuka Igbodokwu (Igbodo’s, which the family nickname), which finally coined the word Anydos from the names.Anydos Music School and Store best-1 A Hobby Turned Into Business

Annastasia Oraegbunem started using the name Anydos for fun, and sometimes friends tease me with the name. One of my hobbies is singing, and she enjoys listening to tunes. In 2009, Annastasia started recording songs in the music studio and used Anydos for my artist’s name. After her undergraduate study and completing my national youth service in Nigeria from 2010 to 2013.  She (Annastasia) planned to combine education and entertainment with the brand name Anydos but could not because of marriage and raising family with my husband. However,  Annastasia changed the plan to migrate to Canada in search of a greener pasture.

Annastasia Oraegbunem came to Canada as a skilled immigrant without Canadian experience, and could not get a better job. She (Annastasia) moved back to school for my graduate study, where she gained more knowledge and skill to operate a business. In 2016, Annastasia registered the business name Anydos. Anydos is a record label and e-commerce company that supports prospective and enthusiastic music students.

Anydos guides students to buy the right musical instruments and connect these students to the best music instructors around the world from the comfort of their homes. Anydos sell musical instruments with specialization on strings. Anydos sell the best ukulele, violin, and guitar, harp, guqin, pipa, and many more. Anydos also do a custom order of any other instruments that you want to have, and we can direct you to musical instrument trainers near you. We partner with renowned brands, the best products, and affordable prices.

The difference between Anydos business and that of competitors is the designs of the products. Anydos entices Students and musicians or people who like to play instruments for fun with the attractive detailed designs of string instruments. The other factor is affordability; the price tag for all Anydos products are within the price range that does not scare enthusiastic musicians or students.

In conclusion, as the Chief Executive Officer at Anydos,  Annastaisa works with the passion she has for music to transform the worldview of strings musical instruments.

Here are the significant links of Anydos social media account Facebook and LinkedIn.

Annastasia Oraegbunem, CEO at Anydos.



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