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Playing String Instruments

String instruments can be plucked with fingers or hit with a light wooden hammer or rub the strings with a bow and rosin.

With bowed instruments, the player pulls rosin horsehair across the strings to vibrate for the wheel whose rosin edge to touch the lines.

The techniques to create sound notes include plucking with the fingernails or a plectrum, strumming, and even picker to produce a sustained sound.

Most string instruments generate vibration that transmits to the body, which often incorporates a hollow or enclosed area. The instrument vibrates along with the air inside it. The wave of the body of the instrument and the enclosed hollow or chamber make the string more audible to the audience.

Examples of string instruments are ukulele, violin, guitar, Gu Qin, Pipe, Harp, and many more.Anydos Music School and Store download-2-1-300x152 Playing String Instruments

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