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Strategies To Foster Perseverance

Strategies that will foster Persistence

You are a student not because you merited it but because of God’s Grace and His divine intervention in your life. John (15:7) proclaimed that If you remain in God and His words remain in you, ask God for anything. Students struggle in academic journeys, especially with writing and speaking skills. These are the strategies that would foster perseverance to complete any degree:

Demographic variables

Be an exemplary leader by completing any program you started, primarily involve your family members to support and encourage you. Do not allow your age, gender, ethnicity, and marital status to impact your academic journey.

Social and Academic Integration

Get involved with your learning communities for shared knowledge. Connect with faculty and staff from your social networks to influence your academic journey for perseverance.Anydos Music School and Store images-300x156 Strategies To Foster Perseverance

Personal attributes

Students’ academic performance, personality, and level of motivation could help with persistence to complete their studies. God’s grace suffices to survive the struggles in academic achievement.


Goal setting and motivation are integral to students’ persistence. Personal and professionally motivated students are more likely to persist. Own motivations such as goal achievement and desiring the title. Professional motives such as career advancement, such as increasing personal marketability and credibility.Anydos Music School and Store download-4-1 Strategies To Foster Perseverance


Everyone is responsible for the choice you make in life. Balance family and work relationships across disciplines. Keeping away from your family results in feelings of guilt, worry, and anxiety, which leads to stress. Students who drop out of study encountered problems related to finances, health, academics, and family.

Coping skills

Students who can manage and cope with stress are persistence in completing their studies.

Economic Integration

Students that have scholarships, assistantships, fellowships persevere more than students without funding or scholars that self-finance their studies.Anydos Music School and Store 799-300x300 Strategies To Foster Perseverance

Biblical worldview

Galatians (6:9) professed not to be weary in doing good, for at the proper time, you will reap the harvest if you do not give up. Also, Revelation (2:10) proclaimed not to be afraid to suffer but have faith even to the point of death, and God would give you a victor’s crown.

Annastasia Oraegbunem, CEO at Anydos


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